Strictly Butter

Strictly Butter is a podcast fueled by lifelong friendship, good pizza, and an undying love for all things music. Every episode, Ryan Cody, Jeremy Klein, and Alexander Mathew bring you lively, in-depth discussions on current album releases, across a wide range of genres.


Episode 56: Top 5 Albums of 2018

As the year draws to a merciful close, it’s time once again for us to talk about our TOP FIVE favorite albums of the year. Pretty self-explanatory. It’s a long one, so strap in and enjoy! Love you all, see you in 2019! Also, we talk a lot about getting old, even though we're all still 29 and 30 ain't even that old. Idk, I'm cool with it. (Jer, 2018) Anyway... Ryan’s Top 5: 5) Robyn- Honey 4) The Skull Eclipses- S/T 3) TesseracT- Sonder 2) Good Tiger- We Will All Be Gone 1) Pusha T- Daytona Jeremy’s Top 5: 5) Haley Heynderickx- I Need to Start a Garden 4) Beach House- 7 3) U.S. Girls- In a Poem Unlimited 2) Parquet Courts- Wide Awake! 1) Mitski- Be the Cowboy Alex’s Top 5: 5) Pusha T- Daytona 4) Palm Reader- Braille 3) Olafur Arnalds- re:member 2) Low- Double Negative 1) Kacey Musgraves- Golden Hour Fun links to fun things: Robyn: Honey: Haley Heynderickx: No Face: She did a Tiny Desk: Pusha T: RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Beach House: Drunk in LA: Palm Reader: Swarm: The Skull Eclipses: Pillars: Olafur Arnalds: Here’s that dope live video from the episode: Stratus: TesseracT: King: The drummer from Battles keeps his one cymbal really high up: U.S. Girls: Pearly Gates: The Cosmic Range: Good Tiger: Grip Shoes: Parquet Courts: Freebird II: Low: Always Trying to Work it Out: Some old Low for ya: Mitski: Nobody: Stop Making Sense dance moooooves: David Bowie “Heroes” hands: Twin peaks meanwhile: Kacey Musgraves: High Horse: SHE WON THE CMA! Here she is reacting to that. Go Kacey!: Yours truly on Daytona: The Story of Adidon: Joe Budden’s podcast with Pusha T which is somehow even longer than this episode:


 2018-12-24  2h12m