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116 - Ura Soul | Getting Real With Healing

The winter solstice holidays are upon us and it's a great time to put our perspectives on love and compassion. The being known online as Ura Soul returns for a third InnerVerse chat to help us create mass-christ consciousness this Christmas. A prolific content creator and founder of free-speech social media network, Ura Soul is a heart-centered individual who always has helpful knowledge to share with us in our journey of balancing, healing & evolving. 

Links to Ura Soul Online
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  • Ura Soul: Decentralising the World (Wide Web) | Presentation
  • Ura Soul: "I Challenge Anyone To Watch This And Prove Meat / Dairy is Not Evil"  

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Things We Talked About
  • Thoughts on the documentary Vegan 2018 (Video Link)
  • Healing, Balancing, Evolving video series by Ura Soul (Video Playlist Link) 
  • Car Accidents and Quantum Immortality
  • "If you don't get real with your emotions, they will get real with you."
  • Emotion = Energy in motion
  • Self Healing by getting emotions unstuck in the body
  • Celluar voltage and boosting your body's energy so it can heal
  • Overcoming pain by paying the body the loving attention that it deserves
  • Ura Soul's recent talk at Bases Project (Video Link)
  • Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers - (Video Link) 
  • The Day After Roswell - (Book Link)
  • The Whistle Blowers Series by @ura-soul 

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  • How big corporate internet companies censor and control information in sneaky ways
  • Google and Facebook vs. Steemit & other cryptocurrency companies
  • The connection between our bodily health habits and the external manifestation of controllers and poison peddlers
  • Inherent problems with democracy and how voting on blockchain would at least add transparency to the procedure
  • "You can't have absolute freedom without absolute responsibility, so becoming more self-empowered is absolutely necessary"
  • The two diverging paths humanity is splitting between and what it means for the future of the species
  • How cryptocurrency backed social media has the chance to help people in the poorest countries to make ends meet more easily
  • An awesome detour into talking about the energy leylines that grid the Earth
  • The incredible ruined temple of Angkor Wat and how such areas create chakra opening experiences through unknown architectural technology (Video Link) 
  • Evidence of a world-spanning peaceful & spiritual global culture, hundreds of years in the past, not thousands - New Earth on Youtube 

Music This Episode: Symbolico 


 2018-12-27  1h11m