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173b: Arabelle Raphael [EXCERPT]

This is an excerpt from episode 173b with Arabelle Raphael. The full episode is available to everyone who donates to support Woodland Secrets and Stay Mean. Become a supporter today to access all bonus episodes, deleted scenes, and other special content.

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Sex worker and activist Arabelle Raphael joins merritt to talk The Queen, queening, and coffee teens.

Arabelle is @ArabelleRaphael on Twitter. You can find more of her work at arabelleraphael.com.

Get Rec'd:

  • Arabelle Rec's: taking a bath with something nice like epsom salts, eucalyptus, chamomile etc.
  • merritt Rec's: getting an ergonomic keyboard and generally not letting your work destroy your body

Works Cited:

  • Chris fleming teens who drink coffee
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  • this fucking Julie Burchill quote
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  • How to Change Your Mind
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 2018-12-27  0m