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Test & Code is a weekly podcast hosted by Brian Okken. The show covers a wide array of topics including software engineering, development, testing, Python programming, and many related topics. When we get into the implementation specifics, that's usually Python, such as Python packaging, tox, pytest, and unittest. However, well over half of the topics are language agnostic, such as data science, DevOps, TDD, public speaking, mentoring, feature testing, NoSQL databases, end to end testing, automation, continuous integration, development methods, Selenium, the testing pyramid, and DevOps.



61: A retrospective

A look back on 3 years of podcasting, and a bit of a look forward to what to expect in 2019.

Top 5 episodes:

  1. 2: Pytest vs Unittest vs Nose
  2. 33: Katharine Jarmul - Testing in Data Science
  3. 18: Testing in Startups and Hiring Software Engineers with Joe Stump
  4. 45: David Heinemeier Hansson - Software Development and Testing, TDD, and exploratory QA
  5. 27: Mahmoud Hashemi : unit, integration, and system testing

Honorable mention: 32: David Hussman - Agile vs Agility, Dude's Law, and more

This episode also went through lots of:

  • what went well
  • what was lacking
  • what's next

Please listen and let me know where I should take this podcast.

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 2018-12-31  31m