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We are Raiders of the Podcast. We are a weekly podcast about movies. Sometimes new ones, often older ones, frequently bad ones. We like cowboy hats, face hugs, strangely sexual automaton interactions, and listeners like you.


You Say Tomato, I Say T I Hate You

After several weeks of being too nice to Tyler in our viewing choices... a power move is pulled and we watch Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, the 1978 cult classic, that is guaranteed to cause him pain. In a brilliant counter, Tyler makes the rest of us watch Anatomy of Hell, Catherine Breillat's 2004 arthouse erotic thriller... I guess "thriller" works. I'm not sure what other handy and easy to convey genre label I could use.
Enjoy our misery, won't you?

Episode 63- You Say Tomato, I Say T I Hate You


 2018-08-18  n/a