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We are Raiders of the Podcast. We are a weekly podcast about movies. Sometimes new ones, often older ones, frequently bad ones. We like cowboy hats, face hugs, strangely sexual automaton interactions, and listeners like you.


Fission Chips

The October Challenge continues! This week Raiders takes a look at Sci-Fi Horror. First up is the film which gave us a global recognition of kaiju, birthed the tokusatu genre, hatched the longest running film franchise in history, and has made Craig live in fear for years... the one true king of the monster's 1954's Godzilla (GOJIRA!!!). Next we dip our toes into New Wave British horror with Norman J Warren's serial killer lesbians vs people-eating cat alien romp Prey... a movie Dave is certain is packed with meaning that he just didn't pick up on. That is followed by Borg on a Russian boat movie, Virus, an old favorite of Tyler's... which may or may not cause everyone else great pain. Finally we take a look at one of John Carpenter's many cult classics, Prince of Darkness. All that and Kevin keeps his extra watches classy and mocks the rest of us for wallowing in cinematic sewage runoff.

Join us, won't we?Episode 71- Fission Chips


 2018-10-13  n/a