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Chris chats with podcasters and audio experts about their equipment, software and workflow. You will learn step-by-step how they are producing podcasts, solutions to common audio issues, and plenty of tips and tricks. By listening every week you will glean A TON of audio engineering knowledge and skills that will make a HUGE difference in the quality of your sound, not to mention save you a lot of time. Your host Chris Curran has a background in podcast production (Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, J&J, etc) as well as music production (Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Buckley, Foreigner, etc). When he entered podcasting about 7 years ago, he noticed that most podcasters (and producers) do not have a solid understanding of fundamental audio engineering concepts, which sabotages the quality of their sound from the very beginning. This show, as well as the Podcast Engineering School, helps producers and podcasters reach professional levels of podcast production.



Noah Sniderman

Me and Noah Sniderman had an awesome chat. He is the producer of The Dopist and producer/host of Innovating Employment. He also works at CJRU in Toronto.

Here's some of what we discussed:

  • SM7b
  • Shure SM57 w/A81WS windscreen
  • Sound Devices MixPre-3
  • Adobe Audition
  • iZotope RX 6: De-bleed, spectral de-noise, EQ (General Enhance preset), de-plosive, de-esser (Simple Voiceover preset),
  • Auphonic: Desktop versions of both regular Auphonic as well as Auphonic Multitrack, and its crossgate feature
  • Hazel
  • Forecast app for chapters, etc.
  • Spreaker
  • Recording on location
  • Shure Beta87a
  • "I can log into my headless Mac Mini (at home) while I’m at work, and de-bleed in the other direction while I’m de-bleeding on my laptop. I use a program called Screens 4 for this."
  • Tascam DR10x - inline recorder, records a backup 10dB lower
  • Rode Reporter mic

Thanks for being such a great guest, Noah!

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 2019-01-10  1h6m