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episode 45: #45: New Year's Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions seem like a good talking point for the beginning of 2019 and our first episode. Regardless of how you feel about resolutions, millions of people make them every year.

Have You Made Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions? Outline

First things first, do you guys make resolutions for yourselves? If so, what are they?
* Do you generally include interpersonal relationships into your resolutions?
Drey went through a few lists of typical relationship resolutions and found a few that they all had in common (Full list in copy):

* Stop multitasking with technology  (S2.E37)

Treat your partner as well as you treat your friends
Make getting back into a shape a couple’s thing
Make sex a priority (S2.E21)

* It is always good to improve yourself and your relationships. However, the sad fact is only 12% follow through with their resolutions. Here are some reasons why resolutions fail (Full list in copy). What would be your solution to these?

Just too overwhelmed.
Treating it like a sprint instead of a marathon / burning out.
Too much thinking, not enough doing.
You know “what,” but what about “why?”

* There is a belief that New Year’s resolutions are unhealthy–per Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist at Harvard. Here are some of the reasons she believes that resolutions do more harm than good. Do you believe these are valid?

Dealed only with absolutes
Are framed by negativity
Focused on outcome instead of process
Too reliant on outside forces

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