Torcana Real Estate Investment with Colin Murphy

Hosted by Colin Murphy, the Torcana podcasts are for anybody who wants to learn more about building a rental property portfolio with strong cashflow and stable tenants. In plain English and with lots of real life examples, Colin & his guests talk about the lessons learned and mistakes made when buying, renovating, managing and selling millions of dollars worth of rental properties. They focus on the nuts and bolts of real estate investing and try to give actionable and practical tips with every episode. How do you analyse deals? What is the best way to invest out of state or overseas? How can you find good managers and contractors? What are the major mistakes to avoid when renovating and renting? Tune into our podcasts for your answers!


Torcana Podcast 17: Interview with Broker & Property Manager Mike Bundy

In this weeks show we welcome Mike Bundy of Sunista Realty to the podcast booth to tell us about a property managers life, the problems he encounters and the advice he has for long term investors. This show is packed full of actionable information which includes: - What sets apart really good managers from ordinary or poor ones? - What is involved in advertising a property and placing a great tenant? - What do tenants REALLY want and what makes them stay in a property long term? - What up front measures can you take to make sure you don´t accidentally rent your property to a bad tenant? - If a tenant stops paying their rent, how does the eviction process work? - What are the typical maintenance issues an investor should expect to deal with from time to time? - PLUS: How Mike dealt with a situation where a tenant was convinced there was a BEAR in the attic!


 2019-01-21  33m