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The Impromptu is a weekly technology podcast, hosted by Michael Norton and Alex Knight. It’s a multi-faceted show discussing how technology, design, and economics converge on topics that matter most to us. We examine the creative process and how the decisions we make, shape our perceptions and lives.


18: There Was A Crazed Cackling

Synopsis: Michael schools Alex on Guild Wars 2 and Destiny in the first segment. In the later portion of the show, talk about the Power Rangers reboot, how Gotham doesn’t make sense, the new Supergirl series, Man of Steel and tie-in with Batman v Superman, DC movie continuity, Marvel movie continuity, Marvel’s super foray into serialized shows, and Jessica Jones.

Duration: 57:44:00

Present: Michael, Alex.

Episode Links
  • Jessica Jones trailer
  • Supergirl
  • Destiny: The Taken King
  • Power Rangers reboot cast
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Download: Episode 18: “There Was A Crazed Cackling”


 2015-10-28  n/a