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Alex Eaton: Let's Talk About Poop (Cow Manure, That Is)

Alex Eaton, CEO and cofounder of Sistema Biobolsa (or, talks about the innovative solution presents to small (and even larger-scale!) farmers. This incredible biodigester system turns animal manure into both rich fertilizer and methane gas that can be used for fuel and heat. In this way, Alex and his team are addressing climate change, food insecurity, and poverty around the world by providing the full package: technology, training and financing of a sustainable waste-to-resources infrastructure that truly works for small farmers. Tune in to hear about:

  • How this magical biodigester works. (Of course it’s not magic, but it’s really, really cool science.)
  • The way gives small farmers a game-changing new tool—plus the financing and education that must come with it for this change to be attainable.
  • Exactly how reliant our world is on small farmers—especially in places like Mexico where is based.
  • Why Alex applauds vegetarian and vegan diets but doesn’t think eating that way is the ONLY way to be a good steward of our earth.
  • The similarities between soil and bank accounts (think long-term investments).


 2019-01-21  28m