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Live @ Babel Sunset Party, ARENA Festival Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Sharing the booth with my good friend and amazing DJ, Isak Salazar. The way we transitioned from one set to another was mixing our both remixes of "Wrecking Ball". Sorry for the abrupt start but there was a problem with the recording!

It was such an honor to be included in this amazing festival in Playa Del Carmen. If you haven't done so yet please do, you won't regret it.

Thanks to Luis Felipe, Christian, Tanya, Benoit, Ben, All the Dj's of the festival,  Everyone at karmabeat.

SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who came and danced that amazing afternoon. I will never forget it!

Recorded live on Feb 1st, 2014. La Santanera, Playa del Carmen. Mexico


 2014-02-12  1h25m