Shattered Worlds RPG

Shattered Worlds RPG is an exploration of the new tabletop RPG by writer and podcaster Jeff Richardson of Everything is Awesome with Jeff & KC. Every week Jeff and a few friends take on the thrilling world of post-apocalyptic space adventure! We got 6 different races, a whole bunch of classes, perks and drawbacks, skills and powers! Get the game when it comes out and buy yourself the novels based on the gameworld. You can be a part of the action!



Leaving the Schoolhouse

In this thrilling Part 2 of the last episode, Kaarin's character wakes up in a strange situation. She meets a few nice boys and has a disturbing realization. Alas, the outside world beckons.


Game Mechanics in this one: Purchasing spells and sub-skills. Pretty simple, 5 for the first specialization or move, 3 for each one after that, plus 1 for +1, 2 for +2, 3 for +3 and so on. No more than +3 to any skill level at Creation.


Closing Song: "The Old Schoolhouse Playground"


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 2017-04-27  30m