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Hailing from our YouTube channel, the Nerds and Stuff RPG Podcast is hosted by Martin Baker with Daniel Peterson and Sterling Chandler. We are dedicated to creating quality RPG storytelling content. We pride ourselves in teaching most every game and running a strong story or character driven narrative complimented often with ridiculous humor. We use rules as a foundation and then quickly do what's best for the story in our content. If you're looking for amazing adventures with sharp humor then welcome to Nerds and Stuff! Enjoy!



Star Wars Force Awakens Beginner Game - 1

This is Part 1 of our Star Wars Force Awakens Beginner Game tutorial and gameplay. In this episode we meet our players and their characters, we go through some of the basics of play, and we get through the first encounter of the Beginner Game's premade adventure.


 2018-07-16  24m