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Welcome to Story Craft RPG! A podcast dedicated to providing story ideas for tabletop role playing games. Plots, encounters, adventures, PC/NPC/Villains, advice, tips and more! There are many great Actual Play and Advice shows; instead we discuss the story aspect of the game, providing fresh ideas to use in your games. Each episode is only about 30min. We aim for a concise podcast, quick and easy to listen to, your time is important. Even if you don’t use our ideas verbatim, and hack them into your own, we’re happy to have inspired you. We are all about sharing ideas with the RPG community. Story Craft RPG focuses on tabletop role playing games and is mostly system agnostic but leans towards Dungeons & Dragons.


Episode 14 – StoryCraftRPG

Episode 14 Story Topics (3:42) Why is a hermit sending notes to a village? (17:29) A dwarf rushes to the party but expires before he can speak, what was his urgency? (30:41) Character Concept: Create a random Villain via D&D5e DMG tables Hosts: Mark, Will and Craig Twitter @storycraftrpg1 Email


 2018-08-24  38m