What happens when the DM says “F’ it! Be whatever class and race you want to be. You all get one free level adjustment level. But, oh yeah, you all have to be evil“? Hell if I know, but you can find out with Geekspective’s first original production Evil is as Evil Does! Every week until the DM just plain gives up, or the players kill each other, we will be posting audio recordings of actual Dungeons & Dragons play of this great, or possibly horrible, idea.


10 – #Feminsim – How To Be Ava White

Amber feels that a part of being a good GM is being exposed to different viewpoints and drawing from real experiences in order to create more authentic characters. Because of that, she wanted to try her hand playing a game from the #Feminsim  anthology. It’s a collection of nano games written by women that focus on feminist issues. Amber played How to be Ava White by Eva Wei with Kristin and Brandon. This game is about the unrealistic expectations of being a woman. They donned roles of aspects that live in Ava White’s head and debated their fiercely held beliefs. There is a  long debrief after the debate so this episode is about 50% roleplay and 50% talk show.

Disclaimer: The views of the aspects as they are played do not necessarily represent the views of the players.

Push play or download to hear some real life anecdotes about being a woman.

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 2017-10-05  51m