Professional Goblins

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episode 4: Episode 4: Savannah Broadway!

This week we welcome the diabolical Savannah Broadway onto the show! We kick things off with a Batbro and Cool Shredder review of the SUPER POWERED BESTIARY by Jacob Blackmon and Rogue Genius Games, hear about Savannah's game of newbie Pathfinders, see the print proof of #2099Wasteland, bear witness to the coolness that is Aethera as well as an upcoming Contessa series of convention games where YOU run a drow restaurant, talk a lot of cool Paizo news as well as EN World, GURPS, and Warhammer40k minis, then the reappearance of Tribes Ascend servers and therein Myler's and the rest of the guest's creative processes. At the end we talk about a lot of REALLY neat Kickstarters that are currently funding as well as an in-depth look from the inside of the Occult 7 Bloodlines & Black Magic setting for Pathfinder!


 2018-06-12  1h38m