Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Explore the many themes and features of Eberron as a tabletop role-playing game setting. In each episode, the hosts choose a topic and discuss how GMs and players can use the setting's lore in their campaigns.


episode 8: Changelings and Shifters

Kristian and Keith have a “freeform” discussion about changelings and shifters.

Time Markers

* – Introduction* – Why Changelings and Shifters Seem Underused* – Shifter Communities* – Shifter Culture, Classes, and Lineage* – Inspiration for Creating Shifters* – Lycanthropic Purge* – Changeling Identity* – Complete Guide to Doppelgangers* – More on Changeling Identities* – Dragonmarks Article: Changelings* – Think about what the character’s ability means to you?* – Consider That Everyone Knows Changelings Exist* – Oooh! A Changeling Pretending to Be a Shifter* – Wrap up


 2018-01-16  1h10m