Manifest Zone: Exploring the World of Eberron

Explore the many themes and features of Eberron as a tabletop role-playing game setting. In each episode, the hosts choose a topic and discuss how GMs and players can use the setting's lore in their campaigns.


episode 5: Daelkyr and Cults of the Dragon Below

Keith, Wayne, Kristian, and Scott discuss the Daelkyr and cults of the Dragon Below.

Time Markers

* – Introduction* – Reading:

* Dragonmarks: The Daelkyr and their Cults

* – Comparing to Lovecraft and Far Realm* – Xoriat* – Random Detail: Mind Flayers* – Daelkyr* – Good Starting Villains* – Each Daelkyr Lord is Unique* – Cults of the Dragon Below are Unique* – Why Do People Join a Cult of the Dragon Below?* – For GMs* – Incomprehensible Plans as an Advantage for GMs* – Daelkyr as Hackers* – Masterminds That Tinker* – Strange Effects on Player Characters as Story Elements* – Granting PCs Abilities or Powers with Consequences* – Example Adventure Plot* – Gate Seals in Various Forms for Plot* – Create New Monsters* – Cults Don’t Have to Be Evil* – Different Domains for Each Cult* – Madness Mechanics in 5e and Other Systems* – Symbionts as Treasure* – Organic Docents That Attach to Living Beings* – For Players* – Presume You Don’t Know; Give GMs Breathing Room* – Think about Your Character’s Experience* – Be Comfortable with Running Away* – Take New Flaws or Hindrances* – Mutation Deck for Savage Worlds* – Develop the World Around Your PC; Friends, Family, Community* – Wrap Up


 2017-07-31  1h5m