The Notorious RPG: A Mutant Year Zero Actual Play Podcast

An improvised actual play podcast using the Mutant Year Zero system. Featuring original music, goofs, and good times.



Episode 11

The gang tries their plan of floating the generator across the river in the jury-rigged Paul Bunyan statue boat, while also finding a unique solution to entering the Ark without Reptillia (they rip his face off and put it on a zone ghoul).  Meanwhile, things have been heating up in the Ark while they were away. Find us Online Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Google Playstore: Stitcher: Cast Game Master, Producer, Composer of tunes is Max Beyer Lefty is played by Patrick Perish Corny Falco is played by Brandon Boat Pavlovena (and Crisp) is played by Maggie Sotos


 2018-12-04  54m