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Roll with Advantage is the Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast you didn't know you were looking for. Come join the fun and action as our heroes encounter iconic D&D locations, monsters, and characters.


episode 18: Season 1 - Ep. 18: Lost Mines Finale

Welcome to Roll with Advantage! We are a group of normal people playing the best game on Earth. We hope you enjoy!

This may be the end of some, but it is just the beginning of a "Giant" story.

Quality Concerns: There were issues with our mic that didn't start happening until we started playing. We sent our mic out to be repaired and the quality issues will not persist after this episode. We are very sorry and very bummed that this had to happen in the finale. Please know that we have learned from this and are working towards getting better equipment.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We have quite the campaign ahead and we can not wait to show it off!

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“Alchemist Tower”, "Black Vortex", “Take a Chance”
Kevin MacLeod (
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 2017-09-04  1h18m