Thursday Knights Live Tabletop Roleplaying

A weekly podcast showing "Actual Play" of tabletop roleplaying games. Our group focuses on telling truly collaborative stories with a heavy amount of roleplaying. This is the podcast version of the live video show broadcast Wednesdays and Thursdays on our Twitch channel. Season 1 (1-135) is a complete Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Season 2 (139 and ongoing) is a our next big long-term campaign. It is played as TWO weekly sessions, each with a different cast of players and characters. The two storylines are happening simultaneously at two different places in the same campaign world.



Episode 5: The Lorekeeper

Episode 5 of the Thursday Knights Actual Play podcast is now available! This week, the group seeks out Lorekeeper Kalla in a mysterious grove, hoping to get some answers. Timeline For those of you that would like to skip to specific parts, here is a timeline of events.

  • 0:46.36 Arrived at the grove
  • 1:00.02 Wolves!
  • 2:27.38 The Lorekeeper
  • 3:11.27 A vision
DM Materials From time to time, we will include downloads of materials the DM prepared for the episode.
  • Ambush Encounter (html)
Live Video Stream As mentioned last week, we are now broadcasting our episodes live as we play. Last week we added a second camera in the stream, allowing viewers to see the tactical map in addition to the regular angle of the entire table. For information on how to tune-in and see us live, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We may offer a download of the recorded video sometime in the future as well.


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