Thursday Knights Live Tabletop Roleplaying

A weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons (and other roleplaying games). Our group focuses on telling truly collaborative stories with a heavy focus on character development and roleplaying. This is the podcast version of the live video show broadcast on Thursdays on our Twitch channel. Each season is a new long-term campaign played in a different roleplaying system. Feel free to jump to the beginning of the latest season if you want to catch up to watch live on Twitch, or start at the beginning of Season 1 if you want to experience all that Thursday Knights has to offer! Season 1 (1-135) is a complete Dungeons & Dragons 4e campaign coverings character levels 10 through 30. Season 2 (139-147) is a small slice of a campaign played across two different groups using Dungeon World and Star Wars Edge of the Empire systems. Season 3 (148-209) is a complete Dresden Files campaign centered on a fantasy version of modern San Francisco. Season 4 (210 and ongoing) is an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign following a group of characters connected by family, bad dads, and fate.


Episode 1: Assault on the Temple of Elemental Evil

Episode 1 of the Thursday Knights D&D Podcast is now available!

In this debut episode of the Thursday Knights D&D podcast, the party leads a full-scale war against the Temple of Elemental Evil. A new character, Brandis, is introduced, and an old friend returns at just the right moment. There may or may not be an extremely spectacular death scene.


For those of you that would like to skip to specific parts, here is a timeline of events.

  • 0:00.36 Introduction to Thursday Knights
  • 0:41.44 Gnolls!
  • 0:58.01 An Old Friend Returns
  • 2:08.18 Death
  • 2:42.12 Survivor Guilt
  • 3:00.10 The Final Door


 2010-01-29  3h10m