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The Dice For Brains Podcast is an actual play show telling serialized stories through the course of a season with a focus on character and story development. The show is produced by an inclusive group that brings new players to the world of tabletop role playing games. Experience organic narratives by following along with new and veteran players as they explore your favorite story worlds, all with the assistance of tabletop rpgs. Season 1-3: The Kido Rebellion Trilogy (Star Wars rpg). Season 4-6: Worlds and Orders Trilogy (Star Wars rpg). Season 7: Fantastic Beasts of the North American Swampland (Genesys - Wizarding World).



episode 15: Genesys - And the School in the Swamp

In the Season 7 finale, Renilda, Marceline, and Reid are hot on the trail of the Totemic. They may not have time to free the fantastic beast and prevent Aggadeane Leigh Walton from doing something extreme upstairs to Warwool Prestalo.

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 2018-08-27  1h13m