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episode 47: #47: Toxic Behavior & Shit Testing

The biggest issue in dating and/or relationships is toxic behavior exhibited by both sexes. Shit Testing is one of these toxic behaviors. Shit Testing is asking someone questions to judge their reaction or response (ie. “What did you do today?”) Jane asks James what he did today–Jane already knows James met Jill for lunch (he does not know Jane knows). Jane is fishing to see if James will mention the lunch. The goal is to determine if James is honest. Shit tests can be petty and often times is enacted to build ego and entitlement for the enabler. Let’s get into it and see if we can really get to the bottom of this shitty social dynamic.
How To Deal With Toxic Behavior And Shit Testing? Outline

* What is your definition of toxic behavior?

Feminists specify that masculinity is a catalyst for what society tolerates and reinforces (ie. #metoo movement). Does this mean modern feminism is not the issue and the impact is exaggerated?

Both men and women utilize shit testing. Below are examples of shit test statements. Do you agree or disagree with each assessment? Explain why?

“Can we be just friends?”
“You’re such a player aren’t you?”
“How many girls have you slept with?”
“Buy me a drink!”
“I have a boyfriend!”

Do you feel men or women are responsible for enabling these shit tests? Why or why not?
Do men have their own form of shit tests?

Do any of you have first hand experience with shit testing?

Are shit tests a power struggle between gender(s)/specific individuals or mistaken for severe sarcasm?
Are people who are deemed “Less attractive/lower in socioeconomic standing/etc.” subjected to more or less of these ‘shit tests?’
Would society be better off if shit testing did not exist?
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 2019-01-27  46m