Broom Wagon

Stories and interviews about bicycle people and bicycle adventures. With some training shots by Simon of the Eppinger Team. The goal of this year, the Holy Week #2, but with some other stuff in the pipeline.




It's that time of the year where you need some defrost. That's why everybody needs a training camp in a warm country. But is training camp only useful for pushing watts, or during the winter season? Or you can also consider an exploration camp in summer where you discover a new scenario escaping from hot weather? Let's listen to what Simon has to say :) Link List: – Eppinger Cycling Team Fb: – Eppinger Cycling Team Instagram: – 3t Exploro: Season 2 of Broom Wagon. The Gravel Season Voice by: Calamaro Music by: Dutty Moonshine My contacts Sponsor: 3t:


 2019-01-29  1h0m