Travel Genius

What’s the most sure-fire way to get a flight upgrade? How can you find the best, secret local restaurants by asking just one question? What's the first thing you should do when you get into a hotel room? On Travel Genius, we'll give you those answers—and plenty more—as hosts Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood quiz the world’s most experienced globetrotters for their tried-and-true travel hacks.


There's No Right Time To Buy A Flight

The idea that there is a perfect time to buy a flight for the best price is one of the oldest, most-repeated urban myths in travel. On this episode of Travel Genius, hosts Mark Ellwood and Nikki Ekstein banish that rubbish once and for all, and offer some advice that actually will ensure you never overpay for a flight again.

Then Kevin Cirilli, Chief Washington Correspondent for Bloomberg Television, shares how he goes from rumpled to camera-ready no matter the length of journey or quick turnaround time. 

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 2018-12-12  33m