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J&E CATCH UP – Leg Shaving Men, Mispronunciations & Josiah The Cleo Bachelor!

Yeah you read correctly, Josiah was once in the running for Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year and Elly has dug up some absolute gold on him! Is it okay for men to shave their legs? Elly thinks no, Josiah thinks yes, but what does their favourite caller Mario from Shepp think?! MAFS is the gift that keeps on giving and last night Jessika got a word wrong that she REALLLLLY shouldn’t have so the guys ask for your stories on mispronunciations. Tahir Bilgic phones in live from the South African jungle for a hilarious chat about his time over there and how he kind of had it confused with the Biggest Loser.. Dr Zac Turner speaks to the guys about how you can claim some plastic surgery on medicare! And Elly has to admit something to her boyfriend so she thought doing it on the radio would be a safe bet… Enjoy!


 2019-02-07  34m