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Test & Code is a weekly podcast hosted by Brian Okken. The show covers a wide array of topics including software engineering, development, testing, Python programming, and many related topics. When we get into the implementation specifics, that's usually Python, such as Python packaging, tox, pytest, and unittest. However, well over half of the topics are language agnostic, such as data science, DevOps, TDD, public speaking, mentoring, feature testing, NoSQL databases, end to end testing, automation, continuous integration, development methods, Selenium, the testing pyramid, and DevOps.



64: Practicing Programming

I want you to get the most out of being a software developer, or test engineer, or whatever you do that makes this podcast relevant to your life.

By "get the most" I mean:

  • the most fun
  • the most value
  • more career options
  • probably more responsibility
  • maybe even more money, that'd be cool

I want you to start (or continue) studying and practicing your skills.

But not just random practice, I've got a strategy to help you focus what to study.

Why am I talking about this now? Here's some background on how I re-learned how to have fun with code refactoring through code challenges.

I'm going to write up the whole list as a blog post, which I'll share first with my Patreon Supporters, second with my email list and slack channel and then as an actual post somewhere.

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 2019-02-07  21m