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episode 113: How To Create And Produce Great Brand Video

Ciaran talks to Matt Green, the Founder and Executive Producer at Evo studios, a Los Angeles based creative content studio. Evo has been creating waves in the video content world since 2011. Their Creative team is trusted by many global brands to produce outstanding content, including Google, The BBC, Samsung, Jim Beam, Victoria's Secret, Reebok and Sky Sports. Matt and his team specialise in bringing first-class creative ideas to life, so we thought we would set him up with Ciaran to delve into how they go about doing that so we can share it all with you. Learn what the essential creative ingredients for producing great video are. What can you as a marketer do to aid the creative process of creating great video content? How should you go about coming up with ideas for your video content? Where can video production all go wrong? How do you stop getting in the way of your film's potential success? How you can work effectively with your creative teams to launch the next 'most talked about' video content sensation. Listen in and learn from Evo, how the magic happens. Useful Links Evo's Film Showreel Original Dollar Shave Club Ad


 2019-02-07  26m