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121 - Ras Ben | Ancestors, Star Nations & Crystal Technology

The occult historian and Philadelphia philosopher Ras Ben joins the show to discuss staying true to your own spirit. We also riff on ancient ancestors and crystal technology, UFOs and the non-human beings described in ancient texts and modern stories, and the idea that nations of the stars and humanoids from the inner earth might be playing a part in the prophetic timelines we're living through.

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  • Check out Ras Ben on The Higherside Chats talking about his newest book Great Mystery Philadelphia


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We Talked About...

  • Why obedience to your spirit is its own reward
  • How Ras Ben came into the knowledge of crystals
  • Creating sychronicity with your inner voice 
  • Use of crystal technology in the ancient Nile Valley civilization (Egyptian)
  • Mystery cults, inner earth beings and extra terrestrial star nations
  • Lovecraftian “Old Gods” frozen in Antarctica and the Moon masons
  • Ras gives ancient scriptural context to a UFO sighting I had in 2017
  • Differences between inner Earth vs. extra-terrestrial ships
  • The reason humans are quarantined on earth is not yet following omniversal natural law
  • Evidence of star nation collaboration with humans in 13th century Ethiopia
  • Link to the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela

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  • Emperor Haile Selassie and the origins story of Rastafari culture
  • The prophecy of opening the book of life in our DNA
  • The connection between the Philadelphia Experiment and the Mandella Effect 
  • How the music industry, the Pope, and the NFL used geomancy and ritual to regain popularity
  • Mass sporting events and the occult harvesting of human energy
  • Manipulating prophecy & the power of aligning with omniversal natural law

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 2019-02-09  1h18m