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episode 49: #49: Hoes vs Fuckboys

What a hoe? What a fuckboy? In episode 47 How To Deal With Toxic Behavior And Shit Testing?, we brushed on the topic of dishonesty. There seems to be a dishonest nature of hoes and fuckboys especially in terms of dating and relationships. In this episode, we discuss on all things related to hoes and fuckboys.

Is There Any Difference Between Being A Hoe Or A Fuckboy? Outline

Hoes – Hoes are people that sleep around and have multiple partners at the same time.

What are key indicators of a hoe?

Can someone be a hoe if no sex is involved?

Does sleeping around fall under the umbrella of “dating?”
What is the end goal for someone that sleeps around?
“You can never turn a hoe into a wife.” You can also substitute wife for husband. Do you have any Thots on this statement?
Is a hoe just looking for the right one that will change her hoe lifestyle?

Fuckboy – There are 2 definitions of fuckboy. From 2002 to 2014, a fuckboy is a loser that does dumb shit. From 2017 to now, a fuckboy is a man that sleeps with women without the intention of having a relationship with them. Fuckboys existed way before this term was coined. In former eras, they were called philanderer, don juan, lothario, womanizer, and player.

Timeline of a Fuckboy

2002 – Cam’ron “Boy Boy”
2004 – TI & DJ Drama “99 Problemz (But A Lil’ Flip Ain’t One)” Freestyle
2008 – Othorized F.A.M “Fuckboy”
2009 – DJ Paul “Fuckboy”
2014 – Run The Jewels “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”
2017 – Fuckboy definition evolved to what it is today.

Our dating outlook is influenced by our past relationships. What happens to a woman’s outlook on men when they have dated a fuckboy?
Can you blame women when they think all men are dogs?
Is a fuckboy just looking for the right one that will change his fuckboy lifestyle?

Do you think there is a dishonest nature of hoes and fuckboys?
Are hoes and fuckboys one in the same?
Do you think that going through a Hoe/Fuckboy Phase is actually good?
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