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Able Ed Episode 1: What is Able Ed and a discussion with David F. Cihak

Able Ed, Episode 1: In the first episode of Able Ed Joe introduces himself and talks about the Future Program at the University of Tennessee. The FUTURE Postsecondary Education Program is a two- or three-year course of study that empowers students to achieve gainful employment in the community. Joe also sits down to talks with David Cihak. David F. Cihak is a professor of special education at the University of Tennessee, where he serves as program leader of the special education and education technology program and teaches courses regarding characteristics and methods for students with severe disabilities, characteristics and methods for student’s autism spectrum disorders, applied behavior analysis for teachers, and single-subject research designs. Able ed is produced by the The FUTURE Postsecondary Education Program, the Office of Student Media and the Daily Beacon. Music: Cheery Monday-Kevin Macleod Licensed under Creative Commons TRT: 01;02;37;01


 2019-02-11  1h2m