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J&E CATCH UP – Forgetting The One Thing You Need, Josiah Vs Elly & What Took You Ages To Realise?

Isn’t it the worst when you need one thing to do something and it’s the one thing you’ve forgotten? Plenty of stories about those times in today’s Catch Up and some of them are awful… But hilarious! Josiah Vs Elly is back for Round Two and this time, it’s a traffic stopping challenge that sees one of them become a clear victor! Elly realised yesterday there was something to ridiculously obvious in her car that she didn’t know how to do which lead her to ask the question – what took you ages to realise? Dean McCarthy joins them for a wrap on all things Grammys, Justin Lacko crosses live from the South African jungle and ‘Productive Thoughts’ is back for another week! Enjoy!


 2019-02-12  39m