Shadowrun Origins

A Shadowrun Actual Play podcast exploring the iconic Shadowrun adventures which contain much of the lore of the Shadowrun world.


episode 2: Shadowrun Origins Ep. 2, Breakout Part 2

Opti, a not-quite streetwise human street shaman following the totem Dog, Guard-a-manger, a saucy human soux-chef who moonlights as a street samurai, JR – our sultry ork rigger, getaway driver, and dispenser of what passes for common sense with this group, Jazz – the slick, fast-talking human face who gets us into as much trouble as out of, and Pixie-Fire, our elven decker who is equal parts innocent, tough as nails, and competent. Mr. Johnson from the Arcology Podcast is our GM for today’s session, and when we last left off, Jazz and JR were in jail, and Opti, Guard-a-Manger, and Pixie Fire were in the middle of an escape attempt, and almost out of the building…


 2019-01-17  24m