Ten Cent Heroes

Can't afford the normal heroes? Get these ones! In this biweekly D&D podcast, Yoza, Reyseria, Canon, and Marcy struggle to overcome their lone-wolf tendencies and work together against the evils of Faerûn. As our heroes stumble through saving towns, toppling tyrants, and delivering dicey one-liners, they may yet uncover the skills they need to confront their demons — both within and without.



Episode 4 - Oak & Dagger - Chapter 4

The Ten Cent Heroes' first adventure comes to a close as they do battle with Talathien and his minions. Yoza does her best Indiana Jones impression, Reyseria tries to keep the party alive, and Canon comes up against his limits as a musician.

We have a new intro! Let us know what you think!

Additional sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk.


 2017-10-20  1h14m