The INVICTUS Stream Podcast

The INVICTUS Stream Podcast is an Actual Play Web Series which Live-streams every Wednesday Night on YouTube. This Podcast consists of edited and re-cut Live Plays from their Wednesday streams. The INVICTUS Stream is hosted by best friends: Harlan Guthrie, Justin James, Jo Fallak, Alex Guthrie & Chris Viseau who enjoy gaming in all its forms. Each host has their own unique personality and GMing style, bringing their own ideas about what an RPG is and how a story is told. Over three years ago INVICTUS was created so that regardless of distance we could still sit together around a virtual table and do what we love. Our style may be unscripted, unorthodox and sometimes unfiltered but it's our vision and the way we play games together. So sit back, enjoy, have a lark or a laugh, grab a drink and play along as we continue to do our very best to entertain you. See You 'Round The Table!


Justin Reads 12 - Homecoming (Chronicles of Ascension)

When Jethen was captured by slavers, his childhood was torn from him and left shattered half a world away. When he finds himself back home decades later, by methods he does not fully understand, he finds that the life he has lived has changed him far more than he knew. In a home he no longer knows. Places and people at the same time familiar and foreign, he must decide - stay and help with his parent's business, or return to the land that remade him and the family he made there.

Written by: DC Ballard

Narrated by: Justin James


 2019-02-03  17m