Underworld Blues and Other Stories

Underworld Blues and Other Stories is an actual play podcast. If you're not sure what that means, it's basically a series of recordings of a group of friends playing tabletop RPGs and, in doing so, generating emergent and hopefully interesting stories together. It's probably important to note that our current campaign also serves as an ongoing play-test of the Spiral roleplaying system, which was designed by Cloud Monster's very own Aleks Samoylov. The story begins in Azor'Din, the City of Hearths, an ancient desert metropolis built on religion, trade, and water. Ally, Jabari, and Eric take on the roles of three picaresque denizens of the storied oasis city, and Aleks takes on the responsibilities of the Narrator/GM. Aside from our main campaign, we will likely also post shorter games (one shots and the like) using systems of our own making as well as systems developed by other independent designers. We currently update every other week, on Mondays. Occasionally, we may take longer breaks between episodes to regroup, deal with life, and prepare for a new story arc. Note: Due to various logistical and financial considerations, our sound setup is not ideal...



Episode 4 – The Nightingale Job (Where Everybody Knows His Name)

Griffin and Zeb take a trip to The Bellwether as Estheri works diligently on her projects, which are not existentially terrifying at all!

Our theme song is Space (Outro), by Andy G. Cohen, whose wonderful musical compositions you can check out HERE. Space (Outro) was made available by Mr. Cohen under the Creative Commons Attribution License, and we thank him heartily for it.


 2017-09-04  2h5m