Ten Cent Heroes

Can't afford the normal heroes? Get these ones! In this biweekly D&D podcast, Yoza, Reyseria, Canon, and Marcy struggle to overcome their lone-wolf tendencies and work together against the evils of Faerûn. As our heroes stumble through saving towns, toppling tyrants, and delivering dicey one-liners, they may yet uncover the skills they need to confront their demons — both within and without.



Episode 39 - Casino Fatale - Chapter 17

Our heroes have acquired the amber dragon eyes, but can they escape the casino with... their lives?! The gang does their best to flee the scene of the crime, but Count Lazaros is intent on making sure they don't get out that easy. And even if they do, other problems await them beyond the walls of the Gilded Dragon...



 2019-02-05  1h16m