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Red Hand Roleplay is an actual play podcast currently presenting the West Marches of Thule, a 5e D&D game which follow a group of more than twenty colonists trying to explore and survive their new and unrelenting world. Join us as we discover mysteries, fight terrifying monsters, and search through ancient ruins! Get a hold of us @redhandroleplay on Twitter and Facebook!


episode 9: WMoT Session 10 Pt. 3 - Brotherhood of Meat

Keflex and Tor have been forced to head home early - leaving Paavu, Korrthass, Gothmaug, and Chunt to fend for themselves out as far as any have gone in the wilds. On the way the party has found the carcass of a massive beast - enough to feed the entire colony... If they can make it back alive. But the weight of both the meat and their mission may prove too much for our friends for the wilds have their own wishes which are not ignored lightly. 

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 2018-05-16  49m