Titansgrave Podcast

A writer, a producer, a writer, a composer, a lawyer, and a software developer get together and drink, eat pizza, and play a tabletop RPG. We play a tabletop RPG called Taitansgrave, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but very different at the same time. Titansgrave is set in Valkana. Valkana is a world where science and magic are both powerful forces. You can see hover cars and dragons race through the sky, and cyborgs and golems battle in the streets.



Titansgrave Podcast – Episode 1 The Story After Mr. Kruter’s Kale Farm Remastered

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This is where it all starts. Where is all begins. This is Titansgrave Podcast – Episode 1 The Story After Mr. Kruter’s Kale Farm.

Titansgrave is a tabletop RPG similar to Dungeons and Dragons. If you you are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons one of the big differences is we don’t use a 20-sided die but instead roll 3D6 (3 six-sided dice). Also, it is set in an alternate reality on a planet called Valkana that has a combination of magic and technology.  Valkana is a world where science and magic are both powerful forces. You can see hover cars and dragons race through the sky, and cyborgs and golems battle in the streets.

We each develop a character to play and we do things based on what we think they would do. If the task they wish to perform requires any kind of skill, like deceiving, stealing, fighting, or even drinking, a character must roll to see if they are able and or how able they are.



Playing tonight is Camille Douglass as Mauve, Will Coleman as Henry Hatson, Craig as Yovanda, Shashank at Kel, Emily Green shows up late, but will appear as Kilie next week, and DJ Douglass as the Game Master.




 2016-01-27  1h20m