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episode 1: TERROR AT MAKE-OUT POINT 01: Denton, Alabama

Red Moon Roleplaying are proud to announce our campaign "TERROR AT MAKE-OUT POINT" for the Sci-Fi horror game "They Came From Beneath The Sea" from our friends at Onyx Path Publishing, with the game's creator The Gentleman Gamer, Matthew Dawkins as our Gamemaster / Director.

This will be a short campaign before we begin our next big thing and will give you a chance to follow the misanthropic Dr. White, played by Craig, the high-flying B.C. Rosberg, played by Hjalmar, and the pinko-hunting Agent Faulkner, played by Mattiaz, as they unravel the mystery that is "TERROR AT MAKE-OUT POINT".

The setting is a take on the 1950's Alabama that you can see in Sci-Fi monster movies from that era. While the game embraces humor and schlock, Matthew will be keeping the Red Moon formula intact by taking us down far darker paths and putting us against nightmarish Lovecraftian horrors beyond human imagination.

This first session includes character creation and if you want to skip to the action you can find it at 01:47:18.

"They Came From Beneath The Sea" is on Kickstarter until the 24th of January so you still have a chance to back the game here:

Campaign: “TERROR AT MAKE-OUT POINT”, They Came From Beneath The Sea, Onyx Path Publishing

Music by: Cryo Chamber Collaborations "Cthulhu", "Yog-Sothoth", "Shub-Niggurath", "Azathoth" and "Nyarlathotep"








 2019-01-22  2h6m