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episode 51: Coriolis continues on Patreon!

We hope you have enjoyed the first three episodes of our Coriolis campaign. The fourth episode, where the crew sets out from the Trauma lab and starts making their way to the Courier Ship, The Red Moon, has just been released to our Patreons at the three dollar level, where we will keep releasing new episodes every two weeks.

To make this one stand out a bit from our other campaigns, as well as to reward all of you who like to engage with us, we have also been running a number of polls, allowing our patrons to decide how the crew will tackle the sometimes rather sticky situations that the Third Horizon is finding them in. It’s been amazing to see your feedback and to leave parts of Farouq's, Carlo's and Pig's fates in your hands! We’d be delighted if you would like to join our growing community.

To be able to do side campaigns like this is only possible through our patrons. Your continued support is also what allows us to visit conventions, pay costs and open up time for making what we hope is content that you enjoy. In turn, we like to listen to your input and requests for future ideas.

Thank you for listening and hope to see you on Patreon!


 2018-10-02  1m