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The Players Guide to the Sabbat - Episode 11

In this episode, we discuss the book, "the Players Guide to the Sabbat." It is the first Vampire: the Masquerade sourcebook to fully describe the Sabbat. Many prominent Sabbat-related elements of the setting, such as the antitribu and the Paths of Enlightenment, were introduced for the first time in this book. Additionally, the Lasombra and Tzimisce were described in detail for the first time in this book. This is a much longer podcast than normal, and we hope you folks enjoy it. We tried not to ramble or get overly detailed, but clearly the Sabbat is something we enjoy as players and storytellers. Thanks for listening!

the Players Guide to the Sabbat - 1992
Written By: Steven C. Brown

By Any Means Necessary
The Sabbat: a sect of diabolists and murderers whose sole purpose seems to be wanton destruction. These Night Fiends reject the ancient laws of the undead and revel in the fear and hatred they inspire, considering them tributes to their strength and courage.
The Prince of Freedom is Death
But there is a method to their madness. They are the true saviors of the undead, something only they can or will see. The Sabbat has gathered power for centuries, allying with the darkest powers of the supernatural, growing and expanding with only one purpose — the utter destruction of the Antediluvians.


 2017-02-18  2h28m