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episode 67: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 7

There was so much going on behind the doors of the upper classes. All the drugs and the fornication and experiments in magic. We reveled in it. And I just loved it when Crowley tore up the Golden Dawn. All those pretentious little brats. Me, Elsa and Seymour loved him. All that carnal magic. The transformations and ecstasies. Of course the high and mighty loved him and kept him at an arm’s length. We went all in. Especially Seymour.

“Do you know”, he snarled. “The way I view the tarot. “Strength” should be named “lust” as that is closer to the truth.”

We fall over each other begging for his truth.

Written by Anders Fager

Music by Atrium Carceri

Tarot card art by Axel Torvenius

Taroticum is an adventure for KULT: Divinity Lost by Helmgast AB


 2018-11-19  1m