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episode 65: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 6

“Gamichicoth is the angel of false hope”, Seymour said. “The sixteenth card. It is called “The Tower” in the more mundane tarot.”
“The false friend and helper.” Elsa said.
“But the tower signifies tragedy or disaster”, I said. “Change. At least change.”

All these contradictions and new truths. All these things you and your friends find so new and interesting. The Golden Dawn that at first turned the world into a much more spiritual and interesting place. Then you realize that there is a ying to every yang. And that beyond that interesting “come over for a cup of tea” fairyland lies inferno. And betrayal.

Written by Anders Fager

Music by Atrium Carceri

Tarot card art by Axel Torvenius

Taroticum is an adventure for KULT: Divinity Lost by Helmgast AB


 2018-11-18  1m