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episode 5: Taroticum 04: Lee-Metford

It's been a few months ago since we checked in with our Patreon bonus campaign "Taroticum" for KULT: Divinity Lost. Having left you on a dreadful cliffhanger we thought it would be nice to give you closure to the prologue.

We released the ninth episode of the campaign on the five dollar per month level on Patreon today so you can enjoy a nice KULT binge if you back us there. Your support allows us to spend more time on the show and really means a great deal to us!


The Lee-Metford rifle was a bolt-action rifle that replaced the aging breech-loaded Martini-Henry rifle as the British Army's service rifle in 1888.
It was much faster than the Martini-Henry and the bolt's rotation was only 60 degrees compared to the 90 degrees of similar German and French rifles. It had one major drawback however and that was its reliance on the extremely smoky black powder as a propellant. The rifle was supposed to utilize cordite which is smokeless, but production delays made the makers of the rifle have to rely on black powder.

In 1896 the Lee-Metford was phased out in favour of the Lee-Enfield rifle, which used smokeless powder and is still utilized to this day with units in especially the developing countries of the commonwealth.

During World War 2 the Lee-Metford found itself converted in to an automatic rifle in New Zealand and Australia due to the lack of Bren and Lewis guns. The Lee-Metford remains in use by one unit today, the Atholl Highlanders in Scotland.

Campaign: Taroticum, KULT: Divinity Lost

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 2019-02-12  41m