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episode 2: A taste of "Emissary Lost" for Coriolis

Over on our Patreon you can follow the crew of the "Red Moon" as they fight for their lives in the "Last Voyage of the Ghazali" and now also as they discover the secrets of the third horizon in the first part of the epic "Mercy of the Icons"-campaign that is called "Emissary Lost".

This is the second episode of "Emissary Lost" and allows us to follow Pig and Carlo on the Coriolis station as they uncover a mystery that will change the future of the third horizon forever.

The campaign is available on the three dollars per month level with one episode every two weeks. If you upgrade to five dollars per month you will get our "Taroticum" campaign for "KULT: Divinity Lost" in the off weeks. You can find our Patreon here:

Now, may the icons watch over you and have mercy on your soul!

Campaign: "Emissary Lost”, Coriolis, Fria Ligan

Music by: Alphaxone, Sabled Sun and Stars on a Black Sea

Sound effects by: Syrinscape








 2019-01-25  55m