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A Star Wars RPG Campaign podcast by the writer of Rat Queens, Kurtis Wiebe, joined by film makers, game designers, fashionistas and comic artists. They roll some dice and pretend they’re Wookiees. Join the adventure as a pack of renegades navigate a Hutt war in City 17, a volatile district of Nar Shaddaa where only enemies are made with more ease than credits.



A Nar Shaddaa Gamble Episode 11 – The Choice

Episode 11 – The Choice In this standalone episode, Ocadessa is confronted with a startling shift in Ko’Darrak’s personality, leading to brutal trial with her life on the line. Drowning in rage, she must face who she really is, and make a difficult choice about her future. Characters Ko’Darrak Afrak


 2015-11-19  n/a