The Business of Video Games - The Paradox Podcast

A podcast about the business of video games, by Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani of Paradox Interactive.


episode 2: Stellaris on Console (Part 2) From Gamescom - The Business of Video Games S03E02 - The Paradox Podcast

Recorded at Gamescom, this episode of the Paradox Podcast brings on Sebastian Forsström, Product Marketing Manager for Stellaris: Console Edition to talkg about what it's like marketing a game on console and how it differs from PC.

 The Paradox Podcast is a podcast about the business of video games, brought to you by Paradox Interactive. Daniel Goldberg (Marketing & Communications) and Shams Jorjani (Business Development and Acquisitions) tries to shed a light on a part of the industry which is seldomly spoken of.


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 2018-08-27  21m